How Do I Get To Homer?

We recommend flying all the way to Homer!

Although normally fine, the beautiful Seward Highway joining Anchorage and Homer is subject to winter storms and road issues that can lead to unexpected road closures or dangerous winter driving conditions.

We recommend one of Homer's two regional carriers:

Era or Grant Aviation

Check each one for the best schedules and fares to fit your needs.

If you come to Alaska on Alaska Airlines, you may be able to book all the way through to Homer when you make your reservations. If you use another airline, you'll have to ask about booking your Homer flight at the same time. Otherwise, it is an easy matter to book your flight directly with either local airline from Anchorage to Homer.

At the time of this writing, you will still not find the hassles and stresses of the time-consuming security checks when flying either Era or Grant. And you will be treated to a lower altitude flight allowing you to see the scenic beauty of Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula on your short flight to Homer!

Prior to arriving in Homer, be sure to call one of the local car rental agencies is you wish to rent a car. Two are at the airport and one is just three minutes away!

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